News about Jacob

I have news that is both good and sad at the same time.

Jacob has been a part of our household for most of his life, but he kept in contact with Jamie and Corey through the years.

We didn't encourage or discourage visits, we left that up to Jacob, Jamie, and Corey.

There were some rough times between Jacob and Jamie, and between Jacob and Corey, but that's just part of growing up. And as Jacob has gotten older, he has put more value on his relationships with Jamie and with Corey, gotten closer to each of them, and spent more and more time with them.

Jacob has spent most of this summer with Jamie and some with Corey, and now Jacob has reached the point of his life where he wants and needs to become a part of Jamie's household, along with his little brother Michael.

For Carol and I in our roles as parents, of course this is a sad time, and we will miss him every day.

But this is not a sad thing. Because, also in our roles as parents, we know that this is an important step in Jacob's growing up, and we are very proud of the achievement this signifies in Jacob's life.

Jacob may have a new address, but he will always have a place in our hearts and in our family.

Posted on Facebook 8/24/2016